Profitable Sales Funnels in 2017

Profitable Sales Funnels in 2017

Sales funnels in 2017 are more important than ever. If you’re like most business owners, it’s important to you to get sales and your ticket is by having high converting sales funnels!


And you’re in luck… who better to get your advice from then the Online Sales Authority?


Let’s dive in, your time is valuable. If you listened to our recent podcast on this very topic you’ll know we explain the importance of developing an leak free sales funnel and optimizing in right now.


How can you tell? From the chart below you’ll see that everything begins with awareness.  In this stage, your customer is just getting to know you, your product and service. We’re all familiar with this… so let’s move quickly to the sales part, that’s why you’re here, right? Just keep this image in mind, cool?

profitable sales funnel 2017


At each step in the above image, you can (and should!) track what’s working in each step.


Here’s how…


First, in the awareness phase you will analyze whether clients or customers are engaging with your social media posts, reacting to your emails or walking into your store/office.  If not, now’s the time to fix it. Ask your customers, clients and email list what they’re looking for.


A great tool for this is Google Form. You can create an unlimited amount of forms for surveys. Build yours today. Take a quick look at one of ours for ideas.


This is such a power resource that will make an immediate difference in your business. I was recently at a natural food store and thought “It’d be great if they offered me a free gift on my wedding anniversary or on my birthday… heck or both!”


Not that I just want free stuff… but they are missing out on gaining more sales and raving fans. If they collected my home address and sent me a coupon or newsletter, I’d be stoked and would shop there even more. Get it?


Sales funnels start the moment someone becomes aware of your product or service.


When there’s high interest, no matter the location of your store or office raving fans will travel GREAT lengths for things they love.


Sales are increased not by having a large Ad budget (although it helps!)… it’s by highlighting your strengths and turning up the bull horn so that your customers / clients clearly identify why they need to buy from you and the consequences of going with a competitor.


A quick story for ya:

Once upon a time there were two affiliate marketers… young guys (handsome of course), totally green trying to make a name for themselves in the affiliate marketing arena.


To get the word out about their products they spent thousands of dollars on various Ad campaigns… got fancy websites and spent an additional 10K+ on training from experts.


Months passed without much happening… “WHAT THE HECK!” they said shaking their fists at their laptops…


Until one day they decided to try yet another approach with their marketing. Instead of using multiple techniques all at once, wasting their marketing budget, they said “Hey, if we just focus on one traffic avenue, our products should sell.”


After a few short days, like magic, traffic started to pour in as though the marketing gods opened their dams… finally!


“It worked!” They said… smiling at each other via Skype. End of story.


The moral: If your sales are slim, narrow your scope. Use your marketing budget in only one area then continuously tweak your Ad(s) until you have at least a 2:1 conversion. $1 in $2 out.


It’s as easy as that!


Do you need a fancy marketing team? Probably not. If you decide to hire a marketing team, do ensure that you’re clear on what makes YOU the Authority in your industry.


If you’re able to clearly articulate this to your sales funnel creators, you’ll receive awesome results from your marketing campaigns.


Marketing on Facebook?


There are two strategies we currently recommend. Check out this quick Youtube video on how to use your product or service in a “like” campaign to build more engagement on your Facebook fan page.


Next, we recommend creating a capture page featuring your best work, either in an ebook or in video format. Have a place where prospects can opt-in with their contact information.


This does two things, of course it builds your email list and it also gives you a chance to gauge what your customers want.


Ideally you’ll create a few different capture pages with different offers. They will have different email followup sequences, too but lead to the same place… to your “big whammy”.


Whatever your big ticket item is, all traffic is building towards that crescendo… the summit of your products / services.


If you’re a local health food store, perhaps it’s your top membership package or a personal invitation to go behind the scenes at your favorite kombucha brewery (Dr. Brew… we’re lookin’ to you!).


Your imagination is the limit on this, we give you permission to be creative!


So what are the components of a kick ass sales funnel? Alright here it is:



If this idea is new to you, which I assume it is if you’re reading this article, then let’s run through this.


Right out of the gate, all great sales funnels need a mechanism to capture contact info. Start with a basic capture page. We really like Click Funnels since it allows for so many different ways to get things done. All at your finger tips!


If you’re using another product like Optimizedpress, Leadpages, Ontraport and/or Popup Domination, these are all great, too.


The point is you need something. Now you need a lead magnet. Something that you’re going to offer your customer for free… or very cheap (think under $20).

Good so far?


Great, now, think about it, what would be a great product / service you can immediately offer the person who gave you their contact information? Or would now be a perfect opportunity for you to explain your service or product in clearer detail?

This leads us to the bridge page.


The bridge page is key… it’s your opportunity to allow viewers to get to know you or your product… while the video should be under 2 minutes, you have just a few brief seconds to capture the next sale. Make it great.


You might not knock it out of the park the first time… we didn’t, but with a bit of A/B split-testing, you’ll be well on your way to converting more sales on this page.


Below your video or list of benefits (or both!) you’ll give the viewer an opportunity to purchase this lower-priced product. Remember it’s close to $20. Depending on your industry, you can get away with a product just under $50.


Once they purchase your offer, you’ve just recouped some of your Ad costs, and now have a new subscriber to your email list… WAY TO GO!


Even if you don’t make an immediate sale, things are just beginning for this relationship. Here’s where things get fun!


Over the next several days you’ll be sharing your most intimate and passionate stories about yourself and your products.


You’ll take your customers on an incredible journey through the highs, lows, failures and awesome successes. You’ll remind them of why they signed up to hear from you and why you’re their best chance for solving their issue.


This is where the beauty of email marketing takes place. A love affair between the pair of you. If you get this wrong, you’ll know.


Zero sells = Zero love.

Email marketing is sexy as hell… put your heart into it or find someone who will.


Once the initial email sequence has finished for this individual… if they didn’t bite with your “last call” or some variation of that pitch, they’re placed in a separate category.


You’ll send them weekly reminders and weekly educational, funny, amazing content to serve their needs. If they’ve signed up for your emails, let them decide when the timing is right for them to purchase… they will eventually.


As a side note, if they decide to “unsubscribe” after a few days, this isn’t bad. You want them off of your email list as soon as they realize they don’t need / want your product.


Why? This save space for people who ARE interested and will allow you to better track your open rates AKA click through rates.


A highly effective strategy is after every 90 days, send out an email blast to your list with the headline: “Please Unsubscribe Now!” and inside discuss what you do, why and it’s importance to them and why they should unsubscribe asap if they’re no longer receiving a benefit.


Try it, and tell us your results! You’ll be surprised.


During this period, and throughout the relationship building period, you’ll be sending your subscribers to your website for added information about new products / services and ask for their feedback.


Tell them to leave a comment and ask them questions in your emails, too… remember it’s a relationship that you’re cultivating. It’s your job to get to know them.


A pro tip: Find each subscriber on Facebook (or your preferred Social Media platform) like their photos and comments (if you honestly find them appealing) and start up a conversation. Be bold, dear reader.


Once they make their first purchase track how long it took for them to purchase that product, and what might have prompted them to purchase… if you’re like us, you’ll ask them.


Now you need to calculate the costs of acquiring that customer. How?


If you spend $15,000/mo on advertising, plus 20 hours of yours working on social media ($50.00/hr x 20 = $1,000.00) with overhead of building, lights, wi-fi, payroll, etc. is $60,000.00/mo and you find 30% of your earnings come from new clients / customers is $20,000.00 that gives you $36,000.00 that month.


If 300 new clients / customers were obtained, $36,000.00 / 300 that equals $120.00/ea.


That means the lifetime value of each new customer needs to hover around $240.00 to ensure your marketing is profitable.


Now that you have this information you can make highly informed decisions on how and where to spend your marketing budget. Depending on your situation, you’ll find it’s more appropriate to use these dollars on pleasing your current customers.


Do you have any questions about creating an awesome sales funnel in 2017? By now you see that structuring your sales funnel can be easy or complex, but either way very profitable.


Leave a comment below and share this article with a business owner you care about and want to see succeed in 2017 and beyond.

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