How To Increase Your Revenue With Facebook Messenger Ads

why now is the time to use facebook messenger ads

Why Facebook Messenger Ads Are Important and Will Increase Your Revenue Immediately!

So why are Facebook Messenger Ads important and how will they increase your revenue?

If you want to be front and center and an online sales authority in your industry you MUST use Facebook Messenger Ads. Why?

Facebook Messenger is the place to be so that your product or service is immediately at the forefront of your customer’s mind.

Earlier this year Facebook extended its Facebook Messenger Ads for all businesses around the world, after testing it in Australia and Thailand.

This revolutionary way to market your products and services has already begun to change the face of marketing and propelled the earning potential for businesses globally.

If you haven’t heard of Messenger Ads, allow me to introduce you to it and explain how it works…

Facebook Messenger Ads help broaden the reach between you and your customer. It also increases engagement and avoids having to send your prospective customers to  the dreaded email opt-in form.

Don’t get rid of your opt-in forms just yet! Email is still a great place to build trust, sell, up-sell and resell your products and services.

We’re just excited that Facebook offers us another tool to use to ensure more people see you and what you have to offer.

If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, it seems that Facebook is working toward helping business owners eliminate their websites and email autoresponders altogether!

But, rest assured the OSA will always remain on its own hosted domain with it’s trusted WordPress site.

That said, we DO love new ways to help you market our products and services so that as many people as possible improve their lives and gain financial independence!

Let’s keep going, shall we? Would you like to discover how this all works?

How Facebook Messenger Ads work:

Messenger Ads are available in Power Editor and Ads Manager, if you use the automatic placements feature, Messenger is supported for each campaign. This component must be selected as an option prior to running your Facebook ads.

Set up your Ad Manager:

1. Once you’re in your Ad Manger, Go to  Ad Creation and select Traffic or Conversations then click Continue.

2. Edit your Audience, your Budget and your Schedule then click Next.

3. Make your ad in any format but not in Canvas. The ad will not work in that format. You may choose Carousel, Single Image, Slideshow and Single Video.

* If you’re going to use this Ad for Instagram, do not choose the Slide Show format.

You may receive notification that “Some Placements Aren’t Available” simply click Remove Placements. That will remove all unavailable placements.

Now, finish the Destination section and choose Set Up Messenger Content. Once people click on your ad in Instagram or Facebook, they will see this content.

There are 2 methods for setting up your Messenger Content: JSON creation and Quick Creation.

If you’re a developer, we recommend you choose JSON since you’ll be able to fully customize the ad

Otherwise, select Quick Creation and walk through the easy process. You’ll be asked to upload your videos, images or enter text for your quick replies or buttons.

Now, that you’ve added everything and edited your Facebook Messenger Ad, click Done.

Click Place Order to publish your ad.

If you’d like more information on setting up your Facebook Messenger Ad, we’re happy to help you get started.

Click here to select a Facebook Ad Critique Plan and within 24 hours your ads will be fully optimized and ready to crush your competition!

Author: Zane

Zane enjoys learning, helping business owners improve their online sales and analyzing and optimizing sales data. When not conquering the world with Grant, Zane and his partner love observing metaphysics at work, cross country running and swimming.