Why Now is the Time to Improve Your Facebook Ads

why now is the time to use facebook ads

Why Now is the Time to Improve your Facebook Ads

With over 1.14 billion Facebook users, if you’re not fully optimizing your Facebook ads your business you maybe at risk!

Facebook ads is what the gold rush was centuries ago, everyone with a vision and a shovel has a chance to strike it rich, rich, rich!

How do you create Facebook Ads? There are 4 Steps to creating great Facebook Ads.

Step 1. Understand your business, your goals and the purpose for running the ad.
Step 2. Focus on the people you want to reach
Step 3. Decide on a budget, will you run this ad continuously (lifetime) or just a few days (daily)?
Step 4. Select an image or use a video that support your call to action.

  1. Understanding your business, Your Goals and the Purpose for Running the Ad

When it comes to your business no one “gets it” more than you do. What we find however, is that business owners have a difficult time articulating exactly how their business helps others.

To avoid confusing your audience, we recommend you right a list of the benefits your products offer and use that through out your ad, sales letter and email campaigns.

Addressing the benefits of your business will zero-in on the purpose for running the ad and it will bring in more customers to boot.

Main takeaway: Highlight the main benefits of your business and ensure it clearly outlines why your audience should take action or want to learn more about your business, product or service.

2. Focus on the people you want to reach

After you list the benefits it time to make a list of the best people your business will serve. This will take research, NO GUESSING allowed!

If you already have an email list, ask them questions about how your product or service best serves them. Read forums such as the Warrior forum and articles on Quora for ideas that will clarify who your products or service will support.

Main takeaway: The fastest way to get your product or service in the hands of more customers is to research as much and as often as you can. It’s not sexy, but selling more products is!

3. Decide on a budget, will you run this ad continuously (lifetime) or just a few days (daily)?

If you’re just getting started and want to start marketing your products on Facebook, we recommend starting with just $5 a day. This allows you to become familiar with Facebook’s platform and you can learn how to start tracking your CTRs (click through rates) and impressions.

The best way to learn is by doing so you’ll have to dive in and discover what works best for your by trial and error.

When we got started promoting products online we spent months testing different methods to sell our courses, there was a lot of trial and error and a great deal of money spent, too.

There are ways to skip all of this painful trial and error that people really appreciate, but more on that later.

Main takeaway: Budget conservatively in the beginning of each ad campaign until you begin to see results. We measure results in opt-in rates how many people click on our ad vs how many people opt-in. There’s a bit more to this, but this is a good way to start measuring if you’re on track.

4. Select an image or use a video that support your call to action.

There’s a bit of controversy around whether having an image or a video in your ad will produce higher conversions.

The answer is, there’s no way to tell which will work best for you. Why? We don’t know what you’re selling. We don’t know how your copywriting skills are nor do we know who’s going to be in front of the camera. How will they deliver the pitch? Etc.

So we advice, if you don’t have a professional copywriter on board, or if you don’t want to create a video that explains the benefits of your product, stick to an image.

As you become more familiar with the way Facebook ads work, we suggest testing video in your ads and seeing which performs better.

That brings us to testing, we call it “split-testing” or “A/B split testing”. Marketing is a like going to college. You can study the subject for months and then get to the exam (place the ad) and you bomb it, zero front-end sales and few opt-ins. If this happens, at least factors stand before you.

1. You need to review your messaging, what are you saying in your Ads?
2. To whom are you saying it?

If you’re saying the wrong things and if your call to action is weak, you will not receive a lot of love. Alternatively you could be saying the right thing (or still the wrong thing) to the wrong crowd.

Main takeaway: Marketing comes down to research and testing, which if you want to be an Authority in your industry, you must do both or have a team around you, who truly wants your success as badly, if not more than you do.

So if you’re just getting started selling your products on Facebook or are tired of all of the trial and error with your Facebook ads, where do you turn for help?

We’ve just launched our latest service the Facebook Ad Checker just for you. We’ve gotten a terrific response from clients who say that this has made the difference in their marketing.

We believe that you deserve to have an expert marketer by your side instructing you on how to improve your Facebook Ads. So you too can cash in on the Facebook gold mine.

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