How to Choose an Affiliate Marketing Business

How to Choose an Affiliate Marketing Business in 2017

If you’re reading this article, you want to know how to choose an affiliate marketing business. Chances are you’re ready to start your own affiliate marketing company yet need more information on how to choose the right one.


The good news is you’re in the right place! The bad news is once you’ve finished reading this post your options for choosing your affiliate marketing business will be slim.


There are several things to look for when you choose an affiliate marketing business.


The company must pay out at least 50% commissions. Affiliate marketing is a great way to learn extra income even replace your existing income. Yet when the company’s commission structure pays you less than 50% not only are you loosing money, if you’re also spending resources to advertise, but a portion of each sale you make goes to someone else… essentially you leave additional capital on the table. Not cool!


Grant and I understand that our business partners’ success depends upon creating fast momentum from receiving 100% commissions on each sale they generate.


This next fact might not be commonly known. Did you realize that digital products are proven to sell better than do physical products? This theory has been tested over and over. Why is this so?


Studies prove that you are more apprehensive to purchase lotions and creams from a site unless you’re highly familiar with that product first. Does that sound true for you?


Whereas with digital products, educational products especially, there’s a lower barrier of resistance. You want to buy tools that will advance your life and make a difference in the lives of others.


Plus, you’re 92% more likely to purchase a course from us, peeps you’ve recently found online one late night than you would a bar of soap. Take that, Ivory!


Next, if you have any experience using paid advertising, then you realize that a product is only as useful as need and/or the demand dictates. But how do you know if a product is worthwhile?


Easy, you calculate the Earnings Per Click (EPC). For every 100 people who click to view your sales page, you need to make at least $100. To say it another way, when you purchase ad space on Google, Bing or while using Solo Ads then for every $100 you earn, 100 people or less need to have clicked on your sales page. That means your earnings per click is at least $1.


Ideally, the dollar amount would be larger than $1, however $1 is a great measure to test whether you have a product that others want.


Note: If you’re not earning an average of at least one dollar each time someone visits your sales or product page, one of two things is going on:

1. Your copy isn’t air-tight and requires work or

2. Your product isn’t viable and visitors aren’t interested


The bottom line is to find a small sector of people who will resonate with your product or service and then tweak your sales page to increase conversions. Make sure your sales page touches on these key points:

  1. Solves their problem
  2. Provides them with highly useful information
  3. Inspires them toward taking action 


Next you want to sell products that offer instant payouts. If you’re promoting high ticket products ($250+) and you’re required to wait weeks for payment, drop that company and look for one that puts you in 100% control of receiving payment directly as would any traditional business owner. Your aim is to be paid within 2-3 days of connecting your products with a happy customer.


The final two qualities an awesome affiliate marketing business must have are be of high quality and in demand. We speak with people on a weekly basis whom agree that having access to the latest marketing information is vital as business owners.


Digital products must be relevant, effective and easy to understand. -OSA


For example when you’re ready to market your products on Snapchat or YouTube, the information required to instruct you should be current and accurate. There’s nothing worse than purchasing an obsolete product… unless you’re a collector of antiques… lol.


To summarize here’s what to look for when starting an affiliate marketing business:

  1. Rewarding commission structure (think 100%)
  2. High EPC ratio 
  3. Instant payouts < 2-3 days
  4. High quality 
  5. Current and effective content 


Now that you’ve read “How to Choose in an Affiliate Marketing Business” we invite you to ask questions. What have you tried in the past to create an additional stream of income? Leave your answer below or if you’re feeling shy, send us a private message.



Until next time… #BetheAuthority


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